Our Story

Welcome to Twenty First Element

We are a small business based in Cape Town that believes in the power of fashion to inspire, empower, and make a statement. We are not just a clothing brand; we are a movement, redefining the boundaries of style and self-expression.

Ethics and values are the heart and soul of our business. We are committed to operating with integrity, fairness, and transparency in every aspect of what we do. From sourcing materials to manufacturing processes, we prioritize sustainability and ethical practices. We strive to leave a positive impact on our local community.

As a unique and bold brand, we embrace individuality and encourage our customers to embrace their own uniqueness. We want you to feel powerful and confident in every garment you wear from Twenty First Element. Our limited pieces ensure exclusivity, so you can truly stand out from the crowd.

We take great pride in the attention to detail that goes into creating each garment. From the intricate designs to the choice of fabrics, we meticulously craft our pieces to deliver you the highest quality. 

Our mission is to make a difference in the world of fashion by offering a carefully curated selection of high-end garments that embody our values and reflect your individuality. 

Join us on this exciting journey as we empower you to express yourself fearlessly through fashion. Explore our exclusive collections, discover the power of limited edition pieces, and embrace the exquisite quality that sets Twenty First Element apart.

Embrace the power that our garments bring, and let them amplify your confidence and individuality. Whether it's a special occasion or a daily statement, Twenty First Element offers you a gateway to your unique style narrative.

We would love to see how you style your garments! Please tag us in your posts @twentyfirstelement